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Axlines News and links from the Axlines site 2017-12-16T13:51:18+00:00 Feed created by PhpGedView text/html 2017-12-16T19:51:18+00:00 Chris Axline On This Day ... <a href="individual.php?pid=I1758&amp;ged=axline.ged" class="list_item name2" dir="ltr">Lowery, Esther S.</a> Death - <span class="date"><a href="calendar.php?cal=@%23DGREGORIAN@&amp;year=1906&amp;month=DEC&amp;day=16&amp;action=today">16 December 1906</a></span> (111 year anniversary) - <a href="placelist.php?action=show&amp;level=3&amp;parent[0]=PA&amp;parent[1]=Armstrong&amp;parent[2]=Boggs%20Twp&amp;ged=axline.ged">Boggs Twp, Armstrong, PA</a> text/html 2012-05-16T05:00:00+00:00 Chris Axline Database Statistics - Axlines This GEDCOM was created using Personal Ancestral File on <b>16 May 2012</b> <br />2898 - Individuals<br />1100 - Families<br />7 - Sources<br /> 4 - Other records<br />Earliest birth year - <a href=";year=0871&amp;month=&amp;day=&amp;action=year">871</a><br />Latest birth year - <a href=";year=2008&amp;month=&amp;day=&amp;action=year">2008</a><br />Person who lived the longest - 115<br />Average age at death - 61<br />Family with the most children14 - <a href=";ged=axline.ged" class="list_item"><b>Henry Painter + Eliza Jane &lrm;(unknown)&lrm;</b> &lrm;(F313)&lrm;</a><br />Average number of children per family - 1.67<br /><b>Most Common Surnames</b><br /><a href="indilist.php?surname=AXLINE&amp;ged=axline.ged">Axline</a>; <a href="indilist.php?surname=DUNHAM&amp;ged=axline.ged">Dunham</a>; <a href="indilist.php?surname=FELIX&amp;ged=axline.ged">Felix</a>; <a href="indilist.php?surname=KUHN&amp;ged=axline.ged">Kuhn</a>; <a href="indilist.php?surname=MATEER&amp;ged=axline.ged">Mateer</a> text/html 2007-06-15T14:48:30+00:00 Chris Axline Fellow Axlines To add an entry, find the closest relative already in the database, select the view \"ALL\", then \"add child to this family\" or whatever you need to add.<br /> To edit a person who already exists, for example to change their birthday and place of birth, find their individual record, a press \"edit\" to the left of the row you want to edit.<br /> To add an unlinked individual (someone who does not have a direct relationship with anybody already in the database) you must be an administrator. Drop me a message or ask to become an administrator.<br /> <br /> One of the coolest things about this site for people who aren\'t too interested in dates and facts is the relationship chart. Go to Chart>Relationship Chart or click here: . My ID is \"I6\" (individual six) - everyone has a constant ID so search! text/html 2017-12-16T19:51:18+00:00 Chris Axline Random Picture <a href="mediaviewer.php?mid=M64"><img src="media/thumbs/F2_marriage.jpg" border="0" class="thumbnail" alt="marriage license" title="marriage license" /></a> <br /><a href="mediaviewer.php?mid=M64"><b>marriage license</b></a>